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Why You Should Start Using Beacon and Proximity Marketing

Physical Personalization and Targeting Advantages

Proximity marketing can provide your brick-and-mortar retailer physical personalization and audience targeting better thatn your social media campaigns can. Boise Beacon Marketing can provide detailed reports about your campaign and help you target the right customers at the right time.

Detailed Customer Insights

Using both Proximity and Beacon marketing, you are able to track what day or time are your most loyal customers around. When you have that information, you can launch campaigns at the right moment. Imagine that during lunch time, some of your customers are around your business, but there are others that you are competing agaisnt. When you send a notification to their phones with a 20% discount campaign, you simplified their decision making process of where to go for lunch, so they are more likely to come in and have lunch in your shop. Boise Beacon can create test campaigns that can find the right time for you to deploy your notification campaigns. Also beacons can help you provide information about your newest item to the people that matter most, those that are close to your shop and are ready to make a purchase. 

Increase Your Ad Open Rate

When you use proximity and beacon marketing, you are targeting customers that are within a specific location [often a few blocks away (proximity) to a few meters(beacons)]. This increases your marketing campaign open rate significantly. With 90% of people using smart phones, they are 14% more likely to open push notifications versus 1.9% or less for social media advertising. 

Coupled with promotions, product/event information, special offers, proximity & beacon marketing will increase your sales of merchandise, event attendance, food,  and even increase your website traffic. A great example is our recent Super Bowl; Levi stadium used more than 1,000 beacons along the stadium, which increased sale orders by 67% in comparison to the stadium previous sales record.  

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